Australian Farmers: Sheep or Lions?

Three more Import permits approved…. No-one else to blame.. but its not too late

One of my favorite quotes.

“if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”

You can choose to be a “Sheep” or a “Lion” without over stating the obvious a sheep does what? Yes follows the herd and allows to be led … [and] a Lion? Well it is king of the jungle, a Lion knows that it has power, strength, confidence, experience and is fully aware of its environment and is supported by its “PRIDE”…. funny that? .. A Pride of lions are feared not afraid.. are you afraid? have you strayed from your Pride?… the sheep should be “very afraid’.. I don’t mean to offend anyone but seriously farmers are in business are they not? I understand that there are many pressures, responsibilities, environmental circumstances and of course many commitments for farmers but; in a fast developing Australian Agricultural market complacency is a death sentence and if you don’t stand unified with your Pride intact you will be at the mercy of those given a legitimate “Mandate” BY YOU!.. Its not too late you can Proscribe those who made this decision and boycott those who are abandoning Australian farmers.

“there has always been and there will always be more than enough grain produced in Australia to support Australian consumption.” __


Pre-election there was one permit issued…. Post-election who knows how many more?

We Warned You Before Christmas 2018 Its NOW Real: On December 10th 2018 Grainpro published a warning about Imported Grain..

Show your disapproval join this Petition Now:

To the Australian Minister for Agriculture: STOP WHEAT IMPORTS – FOR THE FUTURE OF AUSTRALIAN FARMING – Sign the Petition! or contact your local member and VOICE your disapproval … your voice can remain anonymous however your call WILL BE ACTED ON! As a tally… it’s a numbers game… as always!

Donations Found:

According to the Australian Electoral Commission-run Periodic Disclosures website, which details political donations in the 2017-18 financial year, the most current records publicly available, the Manildra Group made donations totalling $133,000 to the federal National Party.
The Group also donated $51,300 to the Australian Labor Party and smaller sums to the Liberal Party, the NSW State Nationals and Katter’s Australia Party (KAP).
However, Mr Littleproud said the donations had no bearing on the decision, which will facilitate the first wheat imports into Australia in over a decade.

“Biosecurity is always left to the Department rather than politicians,” Mr Littleproud said.
Courtesy of Farm Online

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First Published December 10 2018 by GrainPro.

Could We See A Repeat Of 2007/8?

The PR Machine Against Grain Prices Has Been Set In Motion
Interesting developments last week as mainstream media started publishing articles re; high grain prices, in particular “Wheat” . My guess and my fear for farmers with any grain to sell is that this is yet another PR campaign by the Australian Government bending the knee to big business.
They did it to the “Pilots” and Teachers and of course Nurses … Yes the Divide and Conquer or rather driving a wedge between City v Country.. No I’m not talking about a footy game; I’m talking about a PR campaign to raise awareness / anxiety of City families as to rising food costs. I’m guessing we will read about this more and more in the coming months with the result being the importing for GRAIN & AG-PRODUCTS…. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.. write to your local member, because it is a disastrous result for Australian farmers .. we have more than enough Grain & Feed to support local Australian consumption.. check for yourself. If our import restrictions are lifted or relaxed prices could fall dramatically and in turn gives a competitive advantage to big business “ONLY” not to mention the potential weed issues and other Bio-Security risks.

PR Monster In Action

Keep a close eye on Major Newspapers, TV and Radio and watch this PR Monster In Action… These PR campaigns cost Millions and operate independently once initiated, until.. yes you guessed it The Government Of The Day Comes To The Rescue. I’d rather see the money spent on supporting farmers and or supporting low income families.
Farmers Contribution to Our Economy
Farmers and associated industries contribute over 1/5th to the Australian economy. If our farmers are not supported adequately in times of drought, natural disaster and against imports, it will hurt in more ways than one. Taking away farmers rightful earnings will result in; less employment, less money spent on fertilisers, agronomy, livestock, equipment, fuel, less borrowing, LESS SAVINGS and retail in rural communities generally… Ouch!! .. give it some thought….

Personally I would rather see the industry to be more educated, more technically savvy, and self informed… [and] a more transparent flow of market intelligence.. Please no more cloak and dagger tactics, it only results in animosity, resentment and regret.. i.e failed relationships and mistrust.

Yes, the Australian Government has abandoned Australian farmers and left them to the wolves in the past; don’t let this threaten to imprison your future! .. get on with business and voice your disapproval …. Ask yourself, are your fellow farmers “Competitors” or “Partners”? If you think it through your answer is critical?. i.e PASSIVITY, under-management, and complacency leave you at the mercy of the market and big business, on the other hand; collectiveness, education and understanding creates confidence and awareness… ‘?

Voice your concerns, look for signals, get advice, ask questions, know your strengths, limitations, commitments and responsibilities… as do most good business people and you will feel confident and in control.

Good Luck!

Please note that the text expressed above are the views of Dr Mario Bonfante and are not to be taken as advice only as food for thought and consideration, always take into account your current and future commitments and responsibilities when buying or selling.