The GrainPro GrainBank System


By opting into the GrainPro – GrainBank System Growers can capitalise on both “Physical and Forward Grain Contracts” stored On-farm, warehoused (FOT only) or yet to be harvested.  Based on independent research 57% (sample 8775) of Australian Grain Growers told us that they were installing additional on-farm storage in the next 2-3 years with an average capacity of min 220t extra storage.


The GrainBank System offers Australian Grain Growers an opportunity to earn compounding Grain Credit (similar to carry or interest) on contracted GrainBank Grain deposits. GrainBank has a minimum Grain Deposit of 500 metric tonnes and a minimum list periods of 3, 6 or 9 months, this is a virtual deposit as the grain is either physical or forward and stored either on-farm, warehoused or yet to be harvested.

GrainPro is able to offer Australian Grain Growers a very attractive way to improve returns.

Because of GrainPro’s successful commodity hedging, futures and bank swaps trading over the past 3 years…. We can offer something back to growers for storing, maintaining and loading on-farm contracted grain over the contract period. The Australian grain industry has traditionally only offered Grain Growers a measly $2.50/mt to store grain. Some 2 years ago Dr Mario Bonfante suggested to some brokers and agents that the “Carry” should be no less than 1% of the sale/purchase price and he was told “it will never happen” well the standard carry in today’s market is minimum $3 /mt.


The GrainBank system is a new way to look at earning carry on stored Grain… The GrainBank System will be available through GrainPro hopefully by March 2019 where at the launch we can reveal more detail on how the GrainBank System works.


As always feel free to call Mario on: 0412 315 548