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WHEAT Seller SFW 200 Delivered D/DOWNS QLD Immediate 17/18 NA $322 STC Jan 23
Sunflower Seed Seller Grey Stripe 50 Delivered QLD/NSW FEB/MAR 17/18 NA Please Bid Jan 22
Corn Buyer Feed 40 X-Farm Anywhere URGENT 16/17 ▲ Up Now Buying Jan 22
Sorghum Buyer SOR1 250+ DCT Bris/Syd Jan_18 17/18 NA Now Buying Jan 19
Sorghum Buyer Sorg 1 500 Delivered Qld Downs Jan - Jun 18 17/18 ▲ Up $280 STC Jan 19
Barley Seller F1 300+ Delivered Proston Jan/Jun 17/18 NA Now Selling Jan 19
Wheat Buyer SFW 500t Delivered Qld Downs Feb - Jun 18 17/18 NA 318 Now Buying Jan 19
Maple Peas Seller Machine Dressed 10 Delivered NSW/QLD Immediate 17/18 NA Now Selling Jan 19
Cottonseed Seller Old Crop 300+ DCT Bris/Syd Dec/Mar 16/17 NA Now Selling Jan 18
Maize Buyer Feed 120t Delivered Central QLD Jan 16/17 ▲ Up Now Buying Jan 18
Faba Beans Seller Fiesta_1s 250+ Delivered Bris/Syd Dec_17 16/17 NA Now Selling Jan 18
Wheat Buyer SFW 500 Delivered Dalby Dec_17 17/18 NA $318 STC Jan 16
SORGHUM Buyer Sorg1/2 500 X-Farm NSW/QLD MAR/APR 17/18 NA Now Buying Jan 15
Barley Seller F1 500 Delivered Downs Jan+Carry 17/18 ▲ Up $337 STC Jan 15
Barley Seller F1 250+ Delivered Downs Jan/Feb 17/18 NA $330 STC Jan 15
Wheat Buyer SFW1 250 Delivered Downs Jan_18 17/18 NA $318 STC Jan 15
Wheat Buyer ASW1 200 Delivered Brisbane Jan+Carry 17/18 ◄UC► $322 STC Jan 15

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